music to meet the needs of the marginalized

At the heart of Jordan's music is the desire to help those in need. Least of These, Jordan's first album, raised over $3500 to build a home for a Guatemalan family in need. Jordan just released his second album, Well With My Soul, which raises funds for local and international outreach through his nonprofit, the Closer to Love Movement. In addition to performing his personal music, Jordan Tyler Poole has led worship at conferences and worship events locally and internationally and is the Student Worship Pastor at Chets Creek Church in Jacksonville, Fl.

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Well With My Soul

by Jordan Tyler Poole
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Least of These

by Jordan Tyler Poole

about least of these

Wilson, Veronica and their two year old daughter used to live in a home build of cane, corn and lepa with a dirt floor. Wilson is an assistant bricklayer who suffered severe burns on his hands because of a fire in their home which impedes his ability to work. Through Jordan's album and the generousity of others, they live in an all brick structure with proper plumbing. Thank you for supporting music that meets the needs of the marginalized.

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